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Material for Fabric Art, Patchwork and Quilting

Red Set

Reds - bright and vibrant.

All our fabric is priced per quarter metre
Order 1 unit you receive 1 fat quarter
Order 2 units you receive 1/2 mtr length
Order 4 units you receive 1 mtr length
Tuscan Sun Quilt Fabric
Tuscan Sun
BB 8001
Red Glow Quilt Fabric
Red Glow
BB 8002
Exotic Red Quilt Fabric
Exotic Red
BB 8003
Foxy Lady Quilt Fabric
Foxy Lady
BB 8004
Scarlet Beauty Quilt Fabric
Scarlet Beauty
BB 8007
Need For Speed Quilt Fabric
Need For Speed
BB 8008
Milky Way Quilt Fabric
Milky Way NEW
BB 8009
Red Rush Quilt Fabric
Red Rush
BM 8501
Poinsettia Quilt Fabric
BM 8502
Pomegranite Quilt Fabric
BM 8503
Bloody Mary Quilt Fabric
Bloody Mary NEW
BM 8504

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